SMM2019 Barcelona - Plenary sessions

The videos of the plenary sessions from our conference in Barcelona in July are now online. You can view them here:

Global Networks: Mobility and Exchange in the Mediterranean (600-1000), keynote of Petra M. Sijpesteijn (University of Leiden)

The Restless Mediterranean, a Sea in Motion, keynote of Amy Remensnyder (Brown University)

Special Session in Honour of Simon Barton (New Directions in Medieval Iberian Studies: Simon Barton’s Scholarly Legacy),

CFP, SMM2019 – Barcelona



The sixth biennial conference of the Society for the Medieval Mediterranean (SMM) will take place in Barcelona, at the Institut d’Estudis Catalans (IEC), from Monday 8th July (afternoon) to Thursday 11th July 2019 (lunch time). An optional excursion for attendees will be available onFriday 12th July.

The conference will be dedicated to the memory of the former president of the Society, Professor Simon Barton.

The theme of the conference is “Movement and Mobility in the Medieval Mediterranean (6th – 15th centuries)”.

The keynote lectures will be delivered by Professor Petra Sijpesteijn (University of Leiden), 8th July 2019, and Professor Amy Remensnyder (Brown University), 10th July 2019.

The medieval Mediterranean was not a static maritime space. In recent years, studies have focused on Mediterranean dynamics, connections, encounters and entanglements. What approaches do researches from History, Literature, Archaeology, Philology and other disciplines adopt to better understand the complexity of the medieval Mediterranean? How and to what extent did multiple agents, phenomena and factors interact to shape and intertwine the multidimensional spheres of the Mediterranean? We welcome papers from all disciplines that study movement and mobility from different perspectives in and across the medieval Mediterranean and its extensions, both physical and imagined. This theme invites a variety of lines of inquiry, a number of which are suggested below.

Topics of the conference could include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Multicultural contacts, transculturation and assimilation in the medieval

  • Mediterranean Medieval Mediterranean crossings

  • Circulation of political, religious and cultural ideas

  • Circulation of people and commodities

  • Major and minor, forced and voluntary migrations Pilgrimage and religious mobility

  • Diplomacy and its agents

  • Commerce and its agents

  • Military expeditions and coastal defence Naval technology and navigation Medieval

  • Mediterranean geostrategy Geographical explorations

  • Links between the Mediterranean and connected seas (Atlantic, Black Sea, Red Sea)

Call for panels, papers and posters

Participants are encouraged to submit proposals for panels of 3 papers. The panel proposer should collate the three abstracts (including titles, presenters’ names, affiliations, short CVs or most important publications and keywords) and submit them together, indicating clearly the rationale behind the planned panel. We also invite 300‐400 word abstracts for 20‐minute individual papersrelating to the conference theme. Nevertheless, panel proposals will be given priority over individual papers. Poster proposals (title and short description up to 200 words, including name, affiliation, short CV or most important publications and keywords as well) are also welcome.

Submission deadline

Abstracts for panels, individual papers and posters should be emailed to the conference email address ( by 31th December 2018. Applicants will be notified regarding the acceptance of their panel, paper or poster by February 2019.

Postgraduate student bursaries:

  • The SMM will offer up to 15 bursaries (10 for papers and 5 for posters) for PhD students who wish to present their research at the conference. The bursaries will cover the costs of both registration fees and the conference dinner.

  • The Sociedad Española de Estudios Medievales (SEEM) offers two bursaries of 150 € to help cover registration fees to their associates who are under the age of 30 (for more information, please contact

    Organizing committee: Dr. Roser Salicrú i Lluch (IMF‐CSIC & IEC), Dr. Ivan Armenteros Martínez (IMF‐CSIC), Victòria A. Burguera Puigserver (IMF‐CSIC & UIB), Pol Junyent Molins (IMF‐CSIC), Marta Manso Rubio (IMF‐CSIC & UB), Dr. Alessandro Rizzo (IMF‐CSIC & ULiege).

    Queries: Specific questions can be directed to the conference email address (

    Conference webpage and further information: Soon to be find in the SMM website (

    Registration will open in February 2019, after the issue of the first draft of the conference programme, through the SMM website (


Obituary: A touching obituary and tribute for Simon Barton from the SMM committee in the latest edition of Al-Masāq

CFPAl-Masāq: Journal of the Medieval Mediterranean invites individual paper submissions. Al-Masāq is an international peer-reviewed journal covering all aspects of Mediterranean societies and cultures from the fifth to the fifteenth centuries CE. It's concerned with fostering innovative (trans-)cultural and interdisciplinary research of Mediterranean spaces and with encouraging debate on local, translocal and intercommunal connectivity within the Medieval Mediterranean.

2017 Al-Masāq Prize: Many congratulations to Dr Jonathan P. Conant, Associate Professor of History, Brown University, winner of The The Al-Masāq Prize for 2017 for his article: 'Anxieties of Violence: Christians and Muslims in Conflict in Aghlabid North-Africa and the Central Mediteranean' (vol. 27/1, April 2015)

2017 Dionisius A. Agius Prize: Many congratulations to Dr Nükhet Varlık, Associate Professor of History, Rutgers University–Newark, winner of The Society for the Medieval Mediterranean’s Dionisius A. Agius Prize for 2017 for her book : ‘Plague and Empire in the Early Modern Mediterranean World. The Ottoman Experience, 1347-1600’, Cambridge University Press, 2015

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